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Archive for July, 2005

Useless Fact

Albert Einstein never knew how to drive a car. Courtesy of Funny2.com

Popularity is growing for commuting on singlespeed bikes

Style.com: Two years ago, Portland’s River City Bicycles was selling about one single-speed bike a month; now it’s up to one a day. “Everyone in Portland wants to commute on a bike, and a single-speed is all you need,” explains salesman Ryan Weever. Same thing on the East Coast: At NYC Velo in the East [...]

Staying fit in one of the most fitness-friendly areas

OVER THE PAST few years, the topics of obesity and overweight have dominated headlines, and most of the coverage is framed negatively: “Hey America, the government reports that you’re fat and lazy and, wait, this just in: At this very moment, you are getting fatter and lazier! Now get out there and move!” While the [...]

Videobikerepair.com is a Money Saver!

So there I was in my garage late last night tinkering with my bike. I have a Giant Warp DS 2 that I use for trail riding and it needed some TLC really bad after a rough ride last weekend. My rear derailleur kept skipping gears and my front derailleur wouldn’t engage onto the big [...]

Commuter Trike

If you want an alternative to a car for short trips, then try a good tricycle or quadcycle Check out more on Awesome Library

Diadora Partners With Cannondale Bicycle

Sports shoe maker Diadora Invicta SpA has signed a global partnership deal with Cannondale Bicycle Corporation. The deal gives Cannondale exclusive distribution rights for Diadora cycling footwear in the North America and Japan markets and also incorporates co-branded cycling shoes in Europe. Franco Fasolato, Diadora’s managing director, said: “I am looking forward to working with [...]