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Master Lock, Street Smart Security

by RL Policar

We’ve Partnered up with the Industry’s leading lock manufacturer, Master Lock. They’ve sent us the Street Cuff to review.

Here are the specs:
Ratcheting cuffs provide snug, secure fit-no room for jacks or pry bars.

3″ inside-diameter cuffs allow locking to fence posts and new, oversized parking meters being installed in some cities.

Pivot Link- prevents fixed anchor point- takes away use of leverage to defeat.

Hardened laminated steel construction with hardened pivot link-virtually impossible to cut.

Compact- fold in half to fid in seat bag, pack, pocket, or in optional Street Cuff frame mount or leather belt holster.

12″ long for convenient locking.

$3500 Anti-Theft Guarantee.

With Specs like those, why wouldn’t you want to get this lock. This bad boy is heavy duty! I would totally trust of of our bikes on. But stay tuned for the review!

Get more info on the Street Cuff or any of Master Locks products from their SITE.

Thule Set $97

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