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Singlespeed Cyclocross Build Part I

by Richard Masoner

Ibex X-ray
We received an Ibex X-ray Cyclocross frame from our partners at www.ibexbikes.com to build. If you have seen my Redline Monocog Build, this build will be similar as well. We are building a Singlespeed Cyclocross Commuting Machine. Building this bike as an SS will keep the cost down, and will make the build off simpler. Stay tuned for the next chapters of this build.

If you are interested on the specs of this frame, go to www.ibexbikes.com. You can only buy this frame from them and they are having a fantastic sale right now.

Thule Set $97

3 Responses to “Singlespeed Cyclocross Build Part I”

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  3. NMI says:

    This is another planted thread by Ibex to hype their bikes. They do this because their frames are shoddily made abroad, and they try to compete with better brands but know they’ll lose in straight up comparisons. If you want a better built, cheap frame or bike go to bikesdirect.com. That’s where I got mine, and it was far superior to the frame I got from Ibex.

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