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Nice Rack!

by RL Policar

Just because we’re bicycle commuters it doesn’t mean we don’t have a need to carry our bikes around. I found this article from Ehow.com on choosing car rack or carrier that fits your needs.

Between the cup holders, the DVD player and the car seats, there isn’t much room left in the car for equipment. That’s where the rack comes in. Your needs and preferences, along with the type of vehicle you drive, will dictate your choice, but start by identifying models built to fit your specific car. Thule.com and Yakima.com offer expandable, comprehensive rack systems. Expect to pay slightly more for these brands, but know that you are getting good quality. Many other brands exist, particularly for hitch-mount racks. Word to the wise: Make sure you only need one key to operate all locks.

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One Response to “Nice Rack!”

  1. John says:

    I’ve used a Topline truck bed mounted system for a year now with great success. It’s basically an aluminum arm that mounts to the side of your bed, it has a universal clamp at the other end (rubber lined) that holds your bike. Then there are double ended clamp bars that go from bike to bike to add more. You can easily fit 4 bikes, maybe 5. I’ve carried my tandem, my wife’s Revive (semi-recumbent), and my Cypress all easily. I’ve even taken them on a long haul of over 400 miles round trip. The website is http://www.toplinemfg.com/html/bk-bedbikerack.html

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