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Archive for December, 2005

Happy New Year!

This morning my brother Randy who’s been visiting for the holidays along with a few other buddies and I rode around at the Fullerton Loop. We had some good times on the trails as well as on the jumps.   Here’s my fake attempt at a Superman! Randy and I with the Fezzari. The fellas […]

Xootr Swift First Impression

At first glance, you can tell that the Swift is no ordinary folding bike. The bike has higher end components than other folding bikes. I has a SRAM 5.0 8 speed Grift Shifter and a SRAM 4.0 Rear Derailleur. First thing I noticed was how smooth the shifting is, no click-clack, click-clack just a click […]

Xootr Swift

I wanted to leave the truck behind and to go to the bank that happens to be inside a Super Market. I didn’t know if the market had any bike racks (most stores around LA don’t) I decided to take the Xootr Swift for a ride. Sure enough, the Market didn’t have a rack, I […]

Fat in Fullerton

So there I was eating at the local Italian Ristorante, Angelo and Vinci’s here in Fullerton Ca. finishing up my pasta with grilled veggies and a slice of pizza and ofcourse my diet coke. As I sat back and enjoyed my meal, I felt something squishy above my waist and below my rib cage. No […]

L.A. Without a Car Los Angeles CA

Though this film has nothing to do with bicycling. I found it rather interesting how this fella is able to get around meet clients and have more money in his pocket….all this by the use of his skateboard in a place that requires you to own a car….Los Angeles. Check out the short film!

Bicycle Properganda

Find out more about properganda by clicking here!