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Fezzari Wiki Peak Review

by RL Policar

I just finished testing the Fezzari Wiki Peak. Check out the full review!

Wiki Peak
Jumpin' Fez
Thule Set $97

4 Responses to “Fezzari Wiki Peak Review”

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  2. Outhone Phettaphong says:

    I have read your review on Fezzari Wiki Peak but would like to know if, you had try Fezzari Abajo Peak?

    Thank you for info. on review.

    Best regards,

  3. RL Policar says:


    We haven’t had a chance to review the Abajo Peak. However, when we cracked the bottom bracket of the Wiki Peak, we were sent the Abajo Peak Frame as a replacement.

  4. I have owned a Wiki Peak for just over a year.
    I have ridden about 3000 miles, maybe 1500 miles off road.
    My main concern is that the bike is sturdy and can survive off road riding. Overall the bike is good value for money ($650), and stands up quite well to off road abuse.
    These are the problems I have had so far:
    The rear shock oil seals failed within 2 weeks of receiving the bike, but Fezzari mailed me a replacement fairly quickly so no real complaints. The oil seals on the rear shock failed again after 12 months. Not as happy this time.
    Both wheels buckled. The front buckled after a downhill crash, but the back buckled for no apparent reason. I tried new spokes to pull the rims into shape, but the spokes would snap after some short period of time. I have since replaced both wheels with straight pull Mavic CrossLanders.

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