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Up In Alaska

by j j
You might think she’s crazy, I think she’s crazy like an arctic fox. Jill, a talented rider/writer, in Alaska needs help in getting an entry fee for the Sustina 100. Here’s some quotes from her site:
  • I still have that other aforementioned problem of paying the entry fee.
  • I’m not a nonprofit and I can’t offer tax deduction receipts, but I thought it might be worth a dollar or two to some out there just to read about the horrors of headwinds at -5 degrees.
  • (number one reason to donate)  Because your sponsoree is just like you.
  • For people who may not read this blog much, my December theme basically centers around soliciting sponsors to help me pay the entry fee to the Susitna 100 – because, well, if you read my profile, you’ll see I’m a journalist, and I still value food and shelter over cycling (I know, I know – I’ve got to rethink my priorities.)

Jill has a wonderful writing style and a keen photo eye. Please visit her blog and offer any support you can. Up In Alaska 

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