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Archive for February, 2006

Ol’ flabalanche?

Courtesy of The Steeps I love Dr. Pepper. Not in a “Brokeback Cola” kinda way, but I am addicted to it. Last year, while working at a place that had NO access to anything but soda, I packed on about 35 pounds. Crazy to think about what just two soda’s a day can do to […]

Emmanuel’s Gift

Last night Priscilla rented a DVD called Emmanuel’s Gift. Basically it’s about a man that was born with a disability and he wanted to change the world. This movie is very inspirational and has the propensity to encourage anyone to strive for the best and change the world around them. Check it out.

Tour of California Update

What does the Tour of California have to do with commuting? Well, I rode one of my commuter bikes to go watch it! Here are some pictures and video:

50 Hours in Bed

I’m back, in case you missed me. I’ve just been a bit sick lately. I went into the hospital on Wednesday and got out late Friday evening. The good news is, I’m OK. I went in for chest pains – very severe pressure directly under my sternum. They’re 95% sure it wasn’t a heart attack. I’m pretty sure […]

Early Morning Ride

I’m just a cycling nut, plain and simple. I love to commute by bike, love to ride my road bike, and love to go Mountain Biking. What does Mountain Biking have to do with Commuting? More than you think! For every MTB mile you ride, is like riding 3 miles on the road. Ride your […]

Bike Show in Holland

I’ve just returned back from my first trip to the Netherlands with the CELLO for the Fietsvakantiebeurs, a two day cycle touring specific show. It was very inspiring to see such enthusiasm for cycle touring and traveling products and the CELLO was very well received. While in the Netherlands, I had a chance to explore […]