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Archive for March, 2006

Tights or Baggies

So here’s the deal, I’ve worn both baggy and tights to commute to work. However, I get more stares with the tights than baggies. But at the same time, I feel too dressed up for biking when I where the baggies. Sometimes I’ve worn my tights underneath a pair of cords. So the question is, [...]

A daily commuter goes all the way…

This is a great article about one man who went all the way… Below is a snippet: Many who bicycle recreationally dream of going the distance. Few do it, largely because of the time commitment. You need close to three months – more if you want to smell the roses. That’s why cross-country cyclists usually fall [...]

My Degree!

Yes I know this has nothing to do with commuting….But my diploma finally came in! I’m official! Check it out!….and if you’re wondering, yes my real name is RLaunceston, don’t laugh! Or I’ll kick your ass!  

To Pod or Not to Pod…

Just curious to know, how many of you commuters out there use an Ipod or other MP3 players while riding your bike? Let us know by commenting.

In the Ipod-Matisyahu

Lately I’ve been listening to my newest favorite Hasidic, Jewish Rapper with a unique sound, mixing reggae, traditional rap, beat boxing, and guitar solos. What I like about his music is that it is pretty clean. No none sense about girls, cars, bling and money, rather praises towards God and Salvation. His style reminds me [...]

Fer yer Viewing Pleasure…

I decided to try my hand at making a litle music video. Most of the products you see on the clip are things that we’ve reviewed. Be gentle with the comments, this was my 3rd video ever. So needless to say, I’m still learnin’