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Sure2Endure CONTEST!

by RL Policar

Ok this contest is for a box of Sure2Endure…

Send me a picture of you carrying the most amount of weight (other than your self) on your bike. You can send in pictures of you pulling a trailer, using an Xtracycle, loaded panniers, big bags, and etc. You get the idea.

Send the to me ASAP and I’ll post the entry photos and we can have the CBB community vote on which they think should win. Remember it has to be you, it can’t be a Google’d picture. Besides if you send us a picture of someone else, then it can become a liability issue for us.

Oh yeah, CBB Staff you are excluded, but if you have a picture of your loaded bike, then send it to me so the readers can get some motivation.

Send your photos HERE

Contest Ends September 30,2006 11:59pm PST

Thule Set $97

One Response to “Sure2Endure CONTEST!”

  1. [...] CBB has done quite a few contests in the past few months. It ranged anywhere from Sure2Endure, KHS t-shirt, Active Tunes i-Ride, Slime Digital Presta Guage, and the latest the Ibex Corrida 6.6 frame. As a CBB staff member I am not eligible to participate in these contests. But I’m still excited to see new contests and always curious to see who wins these great products. Do you guys feel the same? If it could be arranged what kind of items would you like to see be put up on a contest? // Used for showing and hiding user information in the comment form function ShowUtils() { document.getElementById(“authorinfo”).style.display = “”; document.getElementById(“showinfo”).style.display = “none”; document.getElementById(“hideinfo”).style.display = “”; } function HideUtils() { document.getElementById(“authorinfo”).style.display = “none”; document.getElementById(“showinfo”).style.display = “”; document.getElementById(“hideinfo”).style.display = “none”; } [...]

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