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Raleigh One Way First Impression

by Moe

Raleigh One Way

I have joined the likes of Nick and RL by riding a fixed gear bike to work. I’d always wanted a fixed gear bike, and my wish was finally granted by our newest partner, Raleigh USA. I’m one of the lucky ones to receive a 2007 Raleigh One Way.

Raleigh One Way

What’s unique about this bike is that is not a track bike, it’s actually a commuter/utility bike. The bike comes equipped with a flip/flop rear wheel, cantilever brakes, fenders, reflective tires and a bell.

Raleigh One Way

First Impression:The bike is a little big for what I usually ride, but that didn’t deter me from riding the bike. I was a little apprehensive about riding a fixed gear, my brain had been wired to ride with freewheel all my life. I was surprised how easy this bike was to ride. I learned a few things on my way to work, on my way back, I just simply enjoyed the ride.

Raleigh One Way

The Ride:
The ride was smooth, fast, comfortable and fun. Riding a fixed gear bike added another mental element to my commute. I had to be more aware about stopping, re-starting and turning. The way I saw it, I became more aware about my environment.

The Looks: I like the way the One Way looks, fenders can be a ‘love it or hate it’ accessory, but I’ve always liked the way the look and the way that they keep me clean.

I will be riding the One way more often, I can see how it will make me a stronger rider. Stay tuned for my updates!

Burley nomad 229

2 Responses to “Raleigh One Way First Impression”

  1. [...] -And speaking of ‘fixies’, and I’m referring to the bikes NOT riders that ride fixed gear bikes. Raleigh USA sent Commute By Bike a 2007 One Way to test. I was the lucky recepient of the bike and will be testing it the coming months. I’ve posted my first impression of the bike. [...]

  2. Kyle McEwen says:

    I just got my One way .so far I’ve only ridden about twenty miles. it is my first experience on a fixie. It gets interesting at the stop lights, but so far no crashes. the bike feels like an awsome touring frame, without all the bells and whistles,smooth and solid. I like the brake cable release on the levers.I can get the brakes tight and still be able to remove the cable from the canti brakes. I had some trouble setting up the rear fender. Every time I hit a bump the fender would rotate bachward and rattle against the frame. I moved the stays rotated foward and that should fix the problem. The 42-15 gears are great for Boston riding. My commuter bike was a ’95 gary fisher mt tam with slicks and carbon judy fork. With the longer wheel base of the One Way, the bike stays on the ground better. Its a fun bike,definitly a keeper.

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