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Archive for November, 2006

Xootr, Nick. Nick, Xootr. Now play nice.

So, as some of you may know, I have been sent the Xootr Swift to do with what I will. Since, much to the chagrin of Jay, I have come to love riding fixed-gear and have forsaken the freewheel, I decided to turn this great little folding bike into a great little folding fixed-gear bike. […]

KHS Urban Xtreme Review

2006 KHS Urban Xtreme Disclaimer: As a product reviewer for Commute By Bike, I am providing my unbiased opinion of any products provided to us by any company. I do not posses any type of relationship with the product’s company or parent companies. Companies that send in their goods to be reviewed do not compensate […]

Cyclist’s Scavenger Food Hunt For Charity

A scavenger hunt race on bikes, and it’s all done for charity? Awesome idea! This sounds like it would be a blast! You would definately need something like the Bailey Works Bag for this. Nick just did a facemelter review on it. Check it out. “Cranksgiving,” a sort of scavenger hunt on two wheels that […]

Need A Custom Wheel Built?

We worked out a pretty good deal with the folks of RPM Cyclery. If any CBB readers need a wheel built, the labor rate is only $20! Just make sure you mention, “RL of commutebybike.com is super cool!” Most local bike shops charge anywhere from $40-$55 per wheel. Yes I know…I’m the man for setting […]

If you ride in Fullerton Ca. Read This

I received an email from one of Fullerton’s most dedicated bicycle advocates, Vince Buck. We had a great meeting at the Bicycle User’s Subcommittee on Wednesday: SRO (but it was not a large room).There was serious discussion about the bicycle routes around the university and about a possible bridge over the 57 freeway at Madison. […]

Now that I’m famous…

The coolest thing has been happening lately. People I run into have recognized my handsome mug from CBB. Ok, to be truthful, two people have… Don’t get me wrong, these two guys weren’t asking for autographs or anything special. But it was cool to see that we do have local readership. So I’d like to […]