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Archive for March, 2007

Commuting 101: Bike Shaped Objects

A Word about Bike Shaped Objects Bike geeks like me and the other authors of CbB often snicker about the “Bike Shaped Objects” (BSO) sold at the mass retail discount stores for less than $200. They’re heavy, ugly, inefficient, poorly engineered, poorly designed, and poorly assembled by the same guy who scoops the the dead [...]

Commuting 101: Choosing a bike

A main question you may have as a new bike commuter is what kind of bike you need. There are a lot of options and deciding on one can be confusing. But before you head to the bike shop, answer these questions… What’s the terrain? – Is your commute relatively flat or are there plenty [...]


It has been noted here before, but bears repeating: one way to get more people out of their car seats and onto bicycle seats is to ride along with them on their initial trips. Makes perfect sense; strength in numbers and all that. With that in mind, I’ve seen some interesting spins on that idea [...]

Studded tires

Nashbar studded tire Originally uploaded by richardmasoner. Although my icebiking friends in Alaska continue to use their studded bike tires, most of the Northern Hemisphere has escaped the grip of winter. Al asks, though, about information on studded tires. This photo shows my Nashbar studded tire. Nashbar sells a 700×35 version also for CX and [...]

Commuting 101: Cleaning Up Your Act

You’ve made the decision; you’re getting on the bike and riding to work. There are some employers who will welcome you with shower facilities, lockers and the like. There are many more who will not. In the event your employer falls in the later category, you can still find ways to get cleaned up once [...]

Take 23 minutes and watch this

Carlton Reid of Bike Biz and Quickrelease.tv filmed a talk that Trek’s president, John Burke, has started giving in various locations. He paired it down to just 23 minutes and it’s the best 23 minutes I’ve spent in awhile.