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Archive for March, 2007

Q&A: What kind of handlebars should I use?

I have commuted by bike for awhile, but always with a flat handlebar. It works great and I have no issues with it. I, however, am purchasing a new bike and I am trying to decide whether to keep the drop bars it comes with or change them to bull horns. I was just wondering [...]

Commuting 101: How to react to aggressive or angry drivers

When a driver becomes angry or aggressive during your commute you may feel the need to react in some way, but keep in mind that this is often what they are hoping for. Just like the bully on the playground, they will only pick on people that react in some way. The best thing to [...]

Help for our friends in the media

Ah, Spring is in the air! Seems like articles about cycling are in bloom as well. As a public service to those who have publication that have not written an article about people commuting by bicycle, we present the following media template: You will first need to find a local cyclist who is willing to [...]

Bicycle commute videos

When I search for “bicycle commute” on YouTube, 234 bicycle commute videos are returned, most of them numbingly dull. So, of course, I had to create my own seven minute video to bore everybody with. This video shows portions of my 22 mile ride up El Camino Real from San Jose, California to my office [...]

Bike New York free commuting class

Bike New York is an organization that “promotes and encourages bicycling and bicycle safety through education and events.” Part of their Bicycle Education Program is a free Bike Commuting class. It’s usually presented to work groups through the company’s HR departments but they’ll be having a session open to the public on May 17th. If [...]

Reasons to commute by bike

“Recycled Cyclist” in Massachusetts writes that he commutes by bike for the wrong reasons — that is, he commutes by bike because — get this! — he actually likes to ride his bike. What a novel concept! He doesn’t ride to save money, to save time, or to save the environment or to improve his [...]