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Archive for April, 2007

Commuting 101: Be aware of common driver mistakes

There are three driver mistakes that cause the most accidents for bike commuters… Not obeying stop signs and pulling to far into the intersection and into your oncoming path Passing you and immediately turning right across your path Turning left in front of you as you’re going straight through an intersection Here’s a few tips [...]

Exercise Your Creative Mind

The St. Louis Regional Bicycle Federation recently received a $50,000 federal grant to install between 200 and 300 more bicycle racks in St. Louis City and County in the next year. In an effort to get some cool designs, the federation has announced a bike rack design contest. Winner’s names will be placed on all [...]

Commuter Story: Boulder Hybrid Journey

We are looking for tales and stories of your commute by bike. Email them to This story from Greg of Boulder, Colorado… When we moved to Colorado, my first thought was, “Look at all these lunatics riding their bikes in the snow!” Then I started working with people who owned MORE THAN ONE bike [...]

When your bike is faster than your car

My Friday commute home was a good one. I live in a smaller town and my route to work is pretty much a straight shot down a four lane road. On very rare occasions do I get the opportunity to pass cars that have already passed me since there isn’t usually a ton of congestion, [...]

How much money are you saving?

You ever wonder how much money you’re saving by riding your bike to work? Well check out the new little calculator we’ve added to the sidebar. Enter your info and find out how much money you’re saving on a daily, weekly and yearly basis. Here’s mine… 14 mile round trip, $2.75 for a gallon of [...]

Poll: Where do you wash your bike?

Bike wash Originally uploaded by richardmasoner. Warren has wrapped up the parking poll, so let’s start a new one. Where do you clean your bike? I take my bike to the car wash and blast it with a pressure washer. The bike shop has a bike cleaning service I use. I wash it in my [...]