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Archive for May, 2007

Grab Some Popcorn

I’ve been in the mood to see a bicycle related movie recently and since no theaters in my area are showing “The Flying Scotsman,” I’ve had to settle for the intense drama of “The Bike” found on the A/V Geeks site. While there, I decided to poke around the site for some other bike related [...]

Busting bike commute myths

Competitor magazine as a nice article online about busting five common bicycle commute myths. The roads are unsafe for cycling. I don’t have showers at work. I have to take my kids to school. It’s too cold/dark/wet. It takes too long. Unfortunately, the article promotes some other myths, somehow even transforming the infamous 85%-more-lives-saved-by-helmets myth [...]

Are you safer without a helmet?

I’ve seen this research before, but according to this article you are less likely to get hit by a car if you aren’t wearing a helmet. Apparently drivers are much more cautious around commuters that don’t have a helmet on because they perceive them as more vulnerable. This makes sense to a certain degree, and [...]

QBP Commuter League

Ed. – The words below are from a press release out of QBP based in Minnesota. I’m posting the release in full because it shows a company that isn’t just selling bikes but using them to change the world. Once you’ve read through the release, check out the QBP brands and consider supporting the companies [...]

Mendota: Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb

While hiking with a bunch of fifth-graders last week, my youngest son and I started reciting lines from one of my children’s favorite books. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read this thing aloud over the years — but it sticks with you. Anyway, I was riding to work on the Mendota, thinking [...]

May 15: Gasoline boycott day

The annual ” Boycott Gasoline” emails are making the rounds again as the price of gas tops $3/gallon in much of the USA. The date for the 2007 boycott — May 15 — happens to fall right on Bike To Work Week! I think I’ll participate in the boycott! Oh wait, I already do boycott [...]