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Gone Fishing

by Josh Lipton

How many Blogs begin something like “It’s been awhile since I last posted”?

This Month at Wandertec:
1. Set up an ad in the new publication Practical Pedal.
2. Signed a contract for the Wandertec Shop Expansion.
3. Worked on the design for the long awaited BOB Trailer Liner.
4. Recieved confirmation that the Wandertec mLites have been completed and are being delivered.
5. Went on vacation up California’s PCH and snapped a photo of a BOBBer near Muir Woods.

We were glad to jump on board with the new publication Practical Pedal. This magazine/blog/website is doing its part to support and grow our favorite niche, bicycles used as a means of transportation. We’ve been including a copy of the printed version in with all of our orders and handing them out around Flagstaff.

Plans are finally underway to launch our workshop expansion. The contract has been signed and we hope to have a much bigger facility running by the end of the year.

The Wandertec mLites have left Germany and should be available soon. With the new Wandertec SAX BOB Liner design almost complete, we are looking forward to introducting all of these new products with a website update and a new printed brochure soon.

Burley nomad 229

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