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Archive for July, 2007

Commuting 101: Seat Position

Recently I twisted around a bit to look behind me and twisted my bicycle seat in the process. I’d been happy with the position of the seat before, but having ridden the bike with the alignment off a bit I noticed a little numbness at the end of my ride. When I reached the office [...]

Commuting 101: Riding in the rain

Several options are available for the bike commuter who rides in the rain. They include: Getting wet: If the weather is warm and if you shower and change at work, this isn’t an unreasonable option. The major drawback is water can get driven into some bearing surfaces, especially the bottom bracket. Even sealed bearings are [...]

Bike trailer for adult handicapped passenger?

I’ve known my buddy John for a few years now over the Internet. He’s an enthusiastic fellow who rides his bike around Sydney, Nova Scotia. John has a problem and I hope the smart readers of CBB can find a solution. His partner Lisa was born with spina bifida and cannot use her legs. She [...]

Ideas to promote cycling

A cyclist on the San Lorenzo River Trail in Santa Cruz, California. Photo by me. Here’s a discussion thread for the weekend: CycleDog wants 100 ideas to improve cycling in his state. What are some good things you’ve seen that improved or promoted cycling in your area? What are some interesting ideas you’ve seen? Here [...]

Biking hazard: Tree sap?

I saw this note posted yesterday on the local cycling list. Is there any thing that we can do with trees that leave such a big puddle of sap on bike lanes? I was riding today and I went through it and my bike skidded out from under me. I feel that it is a [...]

Attention South Bay Area bikers

Here’s a special deal just for those of you in the South Bay who bike between San Jose and Menlo Park, California. See me, catch me, stop me and mention “Commute By Bike.” I’ll take your photo and post it here at, along with a short commuter profile. A few random lucky few of [...]