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Archive for July, 2007

Commuter Story: Millionaire Bike Commuter

Tip of the helmet to Alan Snel for pointing out this Today Show video — Bob Dotson reports on a Philadelphia businessman who is more concerned about giving to others than making money for himself. In 1973, Hal Taussig gave his last car to a hitch hiker. He commutes by bike and has loaned five [...]

Racks and fenders on the One Way

Ted in Minneapolis asked: I want to put both front and rear racks on it for commuting as I’m tired of having weight on my back – the sweat and the pain of it…wondering if you’ve done/are going to mess with racks? I mounted a rear rack on the Raleigh One Way without too much [...]

My multimodal commute: Santa Cruz to Palo Alto

My commute is multimodal. That means I take multiple modes of transportation during my commute. I bike, take a bus, hop on a train, then bike the final leg to work. My total one way distance is about 40 miles. Normally I advocate living close to work to reduce dependence on motorized transportation, but my [...]

Could you always ride in a bike lane?

What if everywhere you rode there was a bike lane? Taken from the Dirt Rag blog, the above picture is what Byron Loibl, an industrial design graduate form the Cleveland Institute of Art, is hoping will be the next step in urban riding safety. The Sideline emits a light that travels along about two feet [...]

Bike route finder for Boulder, Colorado

On Thursday, June 21 the city of Boulder, Colorado launched, a new online mapping service that provides individualized bike routes, much like MapQuest and Google Maps do for cars. Users are encouraged to test the new site and submit feedback online. is a one-of-a-kind online tool that offers interactive routing for those traveling [...]

Lovin’ on the Sponsors

A big thanks to the Commute by Bike sponsors. They keep this site going… Redline Bicycles… if you’re looking for a commuter bike on a budget, check out the 925. And… you can see their bike specific links on the sidebar.