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Archive for July, 2007

Favorite posts from Commute by Bike

Today’s a holiday here in the states so the Commute by Bike staff is taking the day off. Check out some of our more popular posts: How to choose a commuter bike How to react to agressive or angry drivers Good safety video for road riding How to make your own bullhorn handlebars Review of [...]

Commuting 101: First Aid Kits

This morning I was riding through the woods when, suddenly, a bee hit me in the neck. No biggie, I thought; at least it didn’t sting me. I continued on my way and after another half mile I started thinking how fortunate I was not to end up like RickyD. A few moments later I [...]

Commuting 101: Flat Resistance

Most of use who regularly commute by bike have put up with flat tires. To avoid flats, a number of aftermarket products are available that promise to reduce or eliminate flats. They add weight to the outside of the rotating tire, but any time and energy lost while cycling is more than made up for [...]

Trying out the Raleigh One Way

Meet A.K. He manages the Sprint Cellular store on University Avenue in Palo Alto, just down the street from the Palo Alto Apple Store. In spite of the hundreds of people lined up all around the block on Thursday and Friday, A.K. didn’t have much business toward the end of last week. While he was [...]