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Bike Trailer Questionaire

by Josh Lipton

A group of students at the Art Institute of Colorado majoring in Industrial Design are working on designing a bicycle cargo trailer. Please help them out by answering some questions about bicycle cargo trailers. Your input could help inspire an exciting new bicycle cargo trailer design.

Bike Trailer Questionnaire:


Gender: Male Female

How far do you bike commute in town daily?
a. less than 2 miles
b. 2 – 5 miles
c. 5 – 10 miles
d. 10 miles or more

Where do you see assistance is needed for carrying items?
a. bus
b. errands
c. work
d. grocery shopping
e. other:

If you use a bike, how do you transport items while cycling?

Do you use a bike trailer?
Yes No

If yes, how often do you use it?
a. More than 3 times a week
b. Once a week
c. 2-3 times a month
d. Once a month or less What do you use the trailer for?
a. Long bike trips
b. Shopping
c. Child/Pet carrier
d. Other:

What do you not like about your trailer?
a. cost
a. capacity size (too big/ too small)
b. ease of assembly
c. storage
d. weight
e. security
f. weather-proof
g. other:

What do you like about your trailer or any other transportation device?

How much would you spend on a bike trailer?
a. $150 – $250
b. $250 – $350
c. $350 – $450
d. Over $450

Other Comments:

Please Email your answers to awedekind@hotmail.com

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