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Archive for August, 2007

Febreze is your friend

Many long-time bike commuters can relate to this story of “No belt, no bra, no pants”. I’ve made several emergency trips to local stores to buy clothing or personal hygiene items after arriving at work or other destination to discover I’m missing a vital piece of my wardrobe. It’s been a while since I’ve made [...]

Commute by bike, win a valuable prize

The Carbon Conscious Consumer (C3) climate campaign is challenging individuals during the month of August to commute by bike or otherwise avoid driving one day per week. Those who are most effective at getting others to take the pledge can win valuable prizes, including a one week bike tour in Oregon, a free Breezer bike [...]

Commute by bike in Seattle

The I-5 construction project that begins today in Seattle is projected to create major traffic hassles all the way into Tacoma as 130,000 vehicles per day are re-routed from I-5 onto surface streets. Here are some commute by bike resources for those who try to bike to avoid the traffic mess: Commuting 101 for the [...]

Commuting 101: Top Five Tips for Staying Safe in the Heat

This week is smashing heat records across the US. It’s important that you stay safe during your ride to and from work. Here’s five tips you shouldn’t go without: Leave Early – Hit the road before things really heat up. Check with work to see if they’ll allow you to knock off early on the [...]

2008 Redline 925

We’ve reviewed the Redline 925 before and it’s my current fixed gear bike of choice. For 2008 Redline steps it up with a much cooler paintjob and switched out the mustache handlebars for some bullhorn. What do you think? (Click the pictures to see them bigger)

Yahoo! company car

Check this out. Yahoo! had a huge bike fair at their main campus in Sunnyvale, California. Five lucky winners got this special purple edition of the Specialized Globe Comp IG8. The Globe is Specialized’s line of hybrid commuter bikes, and this particular model is equipped with carbon fiber forks with rack mounts and the Shimano [...]