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Archive for September, 2007

Interbike next week

Just a quick note that I will be at Interbike on behalf of Commute By Bike and the Crooked Cog Network. I promise to post plenty of photos and maybe some video, along with product previews. If you have any special requests please feel free to post them here and I’ll see what I can [...]

BBC wants your commute photos and videos

The BBC wants to see photos and videos of the daily commute from around the world for a special short film they’re creating made up entirely of content they receive. When it is ready they will show it on the BBC News website and on BBC World. Photos and video can be emailed to yourpics@bbc.co.uk, [...]

Sneak Peak: Masi Caffe Racer Series

Earlier, we got a sneak peak of the Speciale commuter bike and now here’s a sneak peak of a couple more commuter rigs from the every expanding Masi line. The Solo (single shot of espresso) is 9spd with 105 rear derailleur and the Doppio (double shot of espresso) is 10spd with Ultegra rear. Solo (white) [...]

Commuting with kids

When my children were smaller I sometimes had to transport them from work to home by bike. When they were both smaller, they both fit in the trailer. When their combined weight exceeded 100 pounds, though, we moved up to the “bike train” — my bike towing a trailer bike which towed the child trailer. [...]


Before Web 2.0, blogs, web pages and even before the Internet existed, there was Usenet. Usenet is a collection of “newsgroups” — thousands of different discussion topics loosely organized into various hierarchies. One of the hierarchies is rec.bicycles. Rec is for “recreation.” rec.bicycles — pronounced “wreck bicycles” — is further subdivided into rec.bicycles.soc, rec.bicycles.marketplace, rec.bicycles.misc, [...]

Higher gasoline price seen trimming down Americans

Here’s a great story from Yahoo News about the rising gas prices potentially helping out the US obesity epidemic. I love seeing the gas prices go up and give three cheers for when it finally hits $5/gallon. I think that will be the magic number where people will start dumping four wheels for two in [...]