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Gift Guide: Lights and Reflectors

by Commute by Bike

Everybody loves a good stocking stuffer and what better gift than the gift of safety?

With the time change and darker months upon us, it’s important to have a lights and reflectors for night riding. Here’s a few options available:

Standard blinky light – This is your standard option that I used for years. You can pick up a standard blinky light that will last for a couple months on a couple batteries and usually has several different options for how fast and often the light blinks.

Planet Bike BRT-3 Tail Light – $7
Niterider Tailfazer Tail Light – $17

Rechargeable lights – If you want to spend some extra cash to save on batteries and have the piece of mind to know your lights will always turn on, you may want to spring for a rechargeable light set. They’re pricey, but you’ll never have to worry about your lights turning off halfway home.

Union Bottom Bracket Generator Light Set – $88
Reelight LED Light Set – $50

Reflectors – Go the standard safty route and get some good, bright reflector material.

Dimension Reflector Set – $9
Nathan Twilight Reflective Vest – $25

Thule Set $97

2 Responses to “Gift Guide: Lights and Reflectors”

  1. Dave Lloyd says:

    That reflective vest looks like it has less reflective material than the one I bought for $10 at Home Depot:

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