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Archive for November, 2007

Thankful cyclist

Note: Thanksgiving Day is a major U.S. holiday. Many of us have four day weekends where we eat too much, watch too much football, shop too much, and shoot a lot of woodland and prairie creatures. In the old days when I was a teenager — you know, the simple days when dinosaurs roamed etc, [...]

Conspicuity for color blind drivers

Most of us have “normal” color vision. For those of us who like to dress for conspicuity or visibility, we judge the visibility of our clothing based on our vision. About seven to eight percent of the male population in Western nations, however, are color blind to some degree. Is your blaze orange hunting vest [...]

Kryptonite Bike Racks Installed in Portland, Oregon

Kryptonite Blog: One thing that was always on the plan was to provide some great cycling cities with permanent bike racks. We wanted to give cyclists in these cities and towns more places to secure their bikes when they were off exploring the city – or just doing daily errands. It was a long process, [...]

My Birthday was Last Week

The 13th was my birthday. I’m not a huge fan of birthdays, why celebrate getting a year older? Why is this day different than the last? The best thing to do on your birthday? Ride your bike! I have been riding into work a couple times a week since I started my new job a [...]

How to ride on ice

With temperatures dipping below freezing in the northern portions of North America, Europe and Asia, bike commuters who want to continue riding are learning to negotiate the icy patches and snow on their routes. Here’s how it’s done. Watch for black ice. These are the almost invisible patches of thin ice on shaded sections of [...]

Commuting 101: How to find the perfect route using Google Maps

My wife and I are starting the inane search for a new house. As a bike commuter, one of the first things I do when we find a interesting house is look and see what my daily route could look like. One of the recent ones was a perfect example of how you can use [...]