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Archive for December, 2007

A Look Back at Commute by Bike 2007

It’s been a fun year here at Commute by Bike. It kicked off with the addition of two new editors, Fritz and Warren T, who added a lot of knowledge and insight to the writing here. Throughout the year we did our best to help commuters, both new and seasoned, use their bike for transportation [...]

Tried and liked in 2007

I’ve seen this subject on other bike discussion lists, forums and blogs. Go ahead and let the world know one or a few of the things you tried and liked in 2007. The object that comes to mind for me: Planet Bike SuperFlash — this rear blinky is amazing bright. Wow! What’s on your “tried [...]

XYZ Bike – Inaugural Ride

It is hard to believe that it has been almost three weeks since I took the XYZ Bikes Men’s Cruiser out of the box. Since that time a couple nasty ice storms, a week-long trip for work and Christmas preparations and celebrations have taken me out of the saddle. I had the day after Christmas [...]

Bike Computer Concept – The Cerevellum

The Cerevellum head-unit and module system pictured here is not yet available to the public — but I’m looking forward to the day that it is. According to their website, the system eliminates the redundant digital screens found on (his) handlebars and integrates them into one user-friendly screen. The system will include a base unit [...]

Strida 5.0: Out of box experience

I tried a Strida 3.2 folding bike on the show floor at Interbike 2007 last September and looked at the early pre-production 5.0 models. I liked it enough that I put a Strida on my Christmas wish list. Santa Claus arrived a little early to my household in the form of the FedEx man dropping [...]

New Cycling Safety Signs a Possibility in Seattle

According to this post over at Bike Hugger, Seattle is considering a new street sign to raise awareness about the issue of cyclists getting doored. If you don’t know what being “doored” means, it’s when you are riding close to cars on the street and someone unexpectantly kicks open their car door right in front [...]