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Archive for January, 2008

Commuting 101: Intersection Safety

Now that we all agree on whether or not to obey traffic laws… I thought I’d bring up a lesson I try to drum into the minds of my children when they are learning to drive: Just because your light turned green doesn’t mean it is now safe to GO. I don’t know about your [...]

Commuter profile: Nina in Santa Cruz

Nina and her husband live simply and off grid in the Santa Cruz mountains in California. She bikes a few miles into Scotts Valley, where she catches a bus to her job at the San Jose Tech Museum of Innovation, where she designs exhibits. Although we sometimes ride the bus together, I only knew her [...]

Photo: Cyclist in skirt

All of you readers were clamoring for photos of a cyclist in a skirt. Never let it be said that we don’t listen to our readers requests. This is Don Walker, the bike builder behind Don Walker Cycles in Indiana. (When did he move to Indiana??) Don Walker is also the organizer of the North [...]

Bike Stand with Pump

Just came across this great bike stand concept from the Netherlands on the Make site. …a bikestand with airpump(Heklucht), type Ypenburg The product has been conceived for an art project in Ypenburg (a newly build neighbourhood in the Netherlands). Eight products will be placed in front of eight houses. The goal of the project is [...]

A turn signal for the bike commuter

Check out this video of th. Safe Turn Bicycle Indicator light.. It’s a blinky light that attaches to your wrist with a strap and only turns on when you raise your hand to signal your turn.. Looks like a great safety device.  Found on the Dirt Rag Blog

The SIPDE Process: Five steps to keep you safe

Years ago, I occasionally commuted by motorcycle. In some ways it was a lot like bicycle commuting. I was the little guy, and very vulnerable without the protection of a steel cage, air bags, or seat belts. At times I felt like nobody even saw me! This vulnerability was accompanied by high speeds on the [...]