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Archive for January, 2008

Commute by Water Bike

This is Bob Barrett. He works for Pierce Transit and he commutes two miles on the water across Puget Sound using his water bike. His ride takes 25 to 30 minutes. This Seattle Times story featuring water bike commuters also talks about Nat Hong, who rides a bike one half mile to the water, hops [...]

Coffee By Bike

I enjoy a nice, French Pressed coffee. For the un-initiated, a French Press (pictured left above) is a container in which coffee grounds and near-boiling water are stirred together and allowed to steep for a few minutes. When the brewing process is complete, the plunger is pressed down. This strains all of the coffee grounds [...]

Bike commute humor and news

I hope you all are having a good Martin Luther King, Jr Day. If you haven’t had a chance yet to see the video interview Tim posted before the weekend, take a couple of minutes and watch it. John Burke’s keynote yesterday at the Bicycle Leadership Conference in San Diego ties into this topic, as [...]

Video: Three prominent cycling minds discuss how to get more people on bicycles

Below is a video from September when I had a chance to have a discussion with three prominent figures in the current push to get more people using bikes as their normal mode of transportation. Tim Parr owner of Swobo has worked together with Sky Yaeger to bring some very unique, fun and useful bike [...]


Last week I wrote about some inexpensive pogies over on Blue Collar Mountain Biking. Pogies, sometimes called Moose Mitts or Bullwinkles, are weatherproof handlebar covers made of materials like Cordura and fleece. As cold weather cyclists know, bulky winter gloves can make it difficult to do simple things like brake and shift, adjust zippers, or [...]

Starting a commuter convoy

During the 2007 Bike To Work Week, I ran across two other bike commuters en-route that I wouldn’t have necessarily become friends with otherwise. After Bike To Work Week was over, I did a few more full commutes with them. In June, I moved 9 miles closer to work, giving me about 30 miles round [...]