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Archive for March, 2008

Final Review: SE Lager

After several months of riding the SE Lager for my daily commute, I’ll now give my final wrapup of my thoughts and impressions of it’s performance as a commuter bike. If you haven’t already, check out my first two posts I did as part of this review (Part one and part two). Also be sure [...]

What caused your flat tire?

First, be sure not to miss this important news about Energy Wasting Day. Noah posted his ten quick tips for bike commuters on Monday. Among the tips is learning basic bike maintenance. Among the more common repairs for cyclists is fixing a flat, so it’s good to know what causes flats and how to avoid [...]

Get Involved: Energy Wasting Day

Saw this bit over at Funny stuff. What’s unfortunate is how much his actions remind me of everyday life for most of the people around me.

Commuting 101: Ten Quick Tips

This year alone, I’ve run into a few new commuters that are using a bicycle for at least part of their trip. One of them is a long-time friend of mine in Washington, D.C. In discussing bike commuting with these people, it’s apparent that at first “riding a bike to work” seems straightforward, but becomes [...]

New Commuter Bikes section (plus, win a Raleigh One Way)

In looking at our traffic stats, the Commuter Bikes section of our website is our most popular ( with Commuting 101 running a close second ). I’ve been unhappy for awhile with how that section works so today we are launching a completely new format called the Commuter Bikes Database. The database is built in [...]

“Are You Crazy?” and Other Coworker Comments

Earlier this week, my wife had her first sub-zero bike commute and it actually turned out to be -15C (-5 F). We checked the forecast, booked the car in for repairs (don’t you just hate spending a new bike’s worth on car repairs?), and watched as the forecast got progressively worse over the course of [...]