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Grade your bike locking skills

by Richard Masoner

New York bike mechanic Hal Ruzal goes out with Bike Church founder Kerri Martin to evaluate how New Yorkers lock their bikes in this video at Streetfilms. Bikes with secure front and rear wheels and saddles using quality locks get an A, while those secured with “Craptownite locks” from the hardware store get a D. The video shows a lot of good examples of the Dos and Don’ts of locking your bicycle in New York City.

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6 Responses to “Grade your bike locking skills”

  1. You should also check out this post on quickrelease.tv:


    No video, but lots of pictures to show how a real (but now tamed) bike thief gets around most locks. Scary stuff!

  2. Tim Grahl says:

    I would say I get a D on my bike locking. However I also don’t live in New York. I live in Lynchburg, VA. Not really the bike crime capital of the world.

    I did like the part where the only thing left was the front wheel.

  3. JiMCi says:

    Looking for a used Craptownite lock? Here are a few nice ones spotted at a train station:


  4. Fritz says:

    Oh boy, that craptonite photo is good.

  5. Raiyn says:

    @ JiMCi

    I see a bunch of Master Crap and off brand locks in that picture. There isn’t a Kryptonite in the bunch.

  6. dan says:

    Having just read dozens of bicycle security articles, this is my favorite:


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