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Archive for April, 2008

Update: How the Surly Big Dummy Rides

I’ve been riding the Surly Big Dummy on a daily basis for a month now and am reading to give my thoughts on how it works from a commuting standpoint. This first segment will focus on how it rides. One of the regular question of longtail bikes is how it rides. In general, it feels [...]

Natalie Ramsland on city cycling

Natalie Ramsland is one of the principles of Sweetpea Bicycles and one of the few female framebuilders in the American bicycling industry. Earlier this year, Natalie participated in a panel discussion about City Bicycles in Portland, OR. Though “Women Specific Design” bikes are more available, many of these are either recreational sport bikes for athletes, [...]

SealLine Urban Backpack : Preview

Last week I took delivery of two bags from SealLine, their Urban Backpack and Shoulder Bag. The first one I really will be testing out the next few weeks is the Urban Backpack. With its dry sack design and roll top it really is water proof. This right now is needed in the South East [...]

New Rideshare Program for Ohio Bike Commuters

The Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency has just announced a new service for those of you in Ohio who commute by bike in Lorain, Medina, Cuyahoga, Lake or Geauga counties. OhioBikeBuddies goal is to help you find a partner to share your commute. If you’re interested, access the site HERE and register. It may take [...]

What happens when a bicycle helmet meets the wheels of a car?

Lest you’re ever tempted to believe claims that bike helmets can hold up to the weight of a truck, allow me to direct you to the Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute (aka Randy Swart) page demonstrating the true effectiveness of bicycle helmets when placed underneath a car. Click here for more photos, which feature sticky red [...]

State Farm Backpedals on “Humiliated Cyclist” Ad

I came across this State Farm ad last week and at the time found it to be somewhat insulting to bike commuters. The video has been pulled from YouTube, but the link describes the commercial. Apparently many of the commenters on Streetsblog also took offense, and surprisingly, Tim Van Hoof, the Director of Marketing Communications [...]