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Post your Bike to Work Day photos and stories

by Richard Masoner

You rode your bike to work on Bike To Work Day, got the free schwag from the breakfast stations, and took photos of the pretty girls and cute guys on their bikes. Feel free to link to your photo albums and blog entries in the comments here, or post your Bike To Work Day stories here.

Did you see any more cyclists than usual? How was the weather? How was the food at the breakfast stations?

Photo: “Outer Mission Bike Bus” by Sasha in San Francisco.

Burley nomad 229

7 Responses to “Post your Bike to Work Day photos and stories”

  1. William says:

    I ride 14 miles and only saw one recharge station… It was on the wrong side of the road so I didn’t stop.

  2. Anna says:

    had a recharge station at work, and was able to get someone to tune my derailleur for me, yay!

  3. Todd Scott says:

    We have four bike to work days in the Motor City this year. A brief story and photos from the first two are on-line at http://www.m-bike.org/blog/2008/05/15/save-gas-bike-to-work-in-detroit

  4. Todd Scott says:

    We have four bike to work days in the Motor City this year. A brief story and photos from the first two are on the above link

  5. david p. says:

    i had to man our BTW station from 6:00-9:00, but that meant leaving my house at 4:30! the ride in was amazing. so quiet, peaceful, the road all to myself. maybe a handful of cars passed me on my 15 mile jaunt.

    very very lovely.

    at the station, there were tons of gracious people, and jealous vultures who wanted free stuff. i tried to kindly shame them out of their despicable behavior.

  6. Daniel Lunsford says:

    I found a few extra people this week than the past few months. It’s been a great week for Biek to Work Week!

  7. Adam says:

    Views of San Francisco BTWD 2008 – http://flickr.com/photos/morehumanthanhuman/sets/72157605072623034/

    The heat was record breaking. People will were still out in droves and in great spirits.

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