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A discussion on the rise of bike commuters (plus a MasiGuy update)

by Commute by Bike

For those that don’t know, I’m a semi-regular on the audio podcast, The Spokesmen.  We recorded episode #30 this morning and it’s now online for your listening pleasure.  If you’d like to hear me do a bit of a rant on the state of the industry, then make sure you go download.

CLICK HERE to download

CLICK HERE to listen in iTunes

Another Spokesmen regular is the MasiGuy, Tim Jackson, who recently got wrecked in a track race.  He was back on the show this morning and gave a report of his injuries and how it all went down.  (spoiler.  he’s gonna live)

If you liked the podcast, you’ll love the video roundtable I hosted at Interbike this last year.

Burley nomad 269

One Response to “A discussion on the rise of bike commuters (plus a MasiGuy update)”

  1. AC says:

    Thanks for pointing me to ‘The Spokesman’ I listened to #30 and I’m 100% with the wear a helmet thing. I’ve had many crashes over years and know it can happen anytime, anywhere.. Plus, wearing a helmet sets a good example for my kids. My 3 year old loves his helmet. I hope that sticks.

    Hearing the details of Tim’s crash made me hurt just thinking about it and having kids I really felt for his daughter. I cannot imagine how that affected her.

    Also, it’s interesting to hear about CBB stats going up recently. I’m part of the the Commuting 101 stats. ;) I’ve really been putting in an effort to commute, but my commute is 26 miles round trip and the afternoon costal winds really work my legs. I plan to ramp up when my fitness level allows more effort.


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