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Archive for June, 2008

Q&A: Can you really ride faster than you drive?

Rob asks: I’ve read different places that people can actually get to work quicker riding their bike than driving their car.  This doesn’t seem feasible to me, especially since my commute is twice as long when I ride. So is it true that there are bike commuters out there that actually save time by riding [...]

Commuting 101: Weekend Check-up

If you don’t cover a lot of miles on your bike, I’d recommend at least doing the “thumb press” test on your tires each weekend, and squeezing both brakes to make sure they are adequately tight.  I’m not usually a slacker, though.  With nice weather, I ditch the bus and go to bike-only commuting mode [...]

On-air discussion about commuting by bike

I was invited to sit down as a participant on a panel of bicycle commuting “experts” in Kansas City today. I was joined by KCMO’s Bicycle/Pedestrian Coordinator, a Bike Patrol police officer for one of the local suburbs and another man who’s been commuting by bike for over a decade.  Between comments on the radio [...]

SealLine Urban Backpack : Long Term Review

For the past couple months the SealLine Urban Backpack has been my go-to bag for commuting and trekking in general. The bag has gone through rain, pouring rain, very hot 100 degree days and a couple off road crashes. Still, it looks close to new, no damages to the water protect material and I think [...]

Commuter Story: Taking Back What’s Rightfully Ours!

Submitted by Kaz Kougar: Since my wife’s favorite bicycle was stolen from our garage on Mother’s Day, things haven’t been the same. As she scoured the web for a new cruiser nothing she found seemed to be exactly what she desired and I feared that she would have to settle on a bike that she [...]

Q&A: How should I deal with aggressive dogs?

Ed. – The following question was submitted by a reader. If you have some insight, please leave it in the comments. If you have a question you would like to appear here, email us at diggers@commutebybike.com Diane from Canada: I had two large dogs charge me from 50 yards away yesterday while off leash and [...]