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Driven to crime

by Richard Masoner

Mike Luckovich cartoon from June 10 in the Atlanta Journal Constitution: Driven to crime

Drive to crime - Mike Luckovich

Burley nomad 229

4 Responses to “Driven to crime”

  1. Paul in Minneapoils says:

    Gee, just last week I bought more locks for my bikes. I was kinda thinking gasaholics already stripped from there last fill-up may look for an ease-target bike to throw into there suv as the tank gets low” : /

    Really, gas is not that expansive or there would be fewer cars, less driving and more bicycles, but all I see is more motorists trying to force me off the road”

  2. NoTrail says:

    I actually recieved a bunch of smiles and waves today on my way to work. Maybe people are starting to get the idea a bit.

    I’m just glad that I don’t have to lock my bike at work! I just hide it away in my cubi-cell and my co-workers look at me funny. :)

  3. matthew booth says:

    That’s pretty good :) I’ve noticed on my ride to work a lot more SUV’s sitting by the curb with “for sale” signs on them. I don’t mind smaller cars on the road, they give me more space when I’m pedaling, but SUV’s tend to grab as much asphalt as they can possibly get.

  4. Nick says:

    To NoTrail:

    You gotta love the looks you get when walking your bike through the office to your cubicle, all sweaty with helmet hair, they just don’t get it!

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