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Archive for June, 2008

Canada to exchange bikes for old cars

Environment Canada and the Clean Air foundation announced a new National Vehicle Scrappage program today, offering incentives — including bicycles — to people who scrap their 1995 or older motor vehicles. “We know Canadians want to do their part to help clean up the air we breathe and our Government shares their desire,” said Minister [...]

Q&A: How can I persuade my company to help?

Ed – Below is a question from a reader. If you’ve got some ideas for him, please put them in the comments. If you have a question of your own, please send it to From Mark: How can I (you, me, anyone) spur companies to invest in bike lockers or other facilities? I do [...]

Bike commuting all around

We’ve all read about how bike commuting is on the rise in areas where bicycling is already popular such as Portland, OR; San Francisco; New York; and Boulder, CO. But what about where you live? Are rising gas prices making bike commuting more acceptable and visible? I did a quick survey of news on bike [...]

Drunk driver slams into a Mexican bike race, killing one

What’s your biggest fear during your daily bike commute? Yesterday an American drunk driver fell asleep at the wheel and plowed into a group of bike racers fifteen minutes after they had taken off. One was killed and several others were seriously injured. Here’s the full story at msnbc.  Video coverage can be seen here. [...]

June is Colorado Bike Month

To celebrate bicycling for transportation, fun and health, Colorado has designated each June as Bike Month. At the same time, Colorado joins a nationwide effort to encourage cycling novices and enthusiasts to experience the fun and freedom of safely riding a bike to work, school, errands and recreation While there will be many events around [...]

Commuting 101: How to stay fresh and clean at work

If you work in an office place where showing up to work sweaty and smelly isn’t exactly encouraged, this can be a major deterrent to commuting by bike. Especially with the summer months upon us, getting cleaned up once you’ve arrived at the work place is important and necessary. If you actually have showers and [...]