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Archive for July, 2008

Let’s take bicycling back from the sports enthusiasts

At the end of a recent article, North America’s Most Bicycle-Friendly Cities, I wrote the following: Let’s take bicycling back from the sports enthusiasts! which then resulted in some negative comments:

Online maps update

Some changes have occurred in the world of online maps since I last wrote about what’s available. used to be the only mapping service with an option for walking directions. They eliminated that when they migrated their map to use Microsoft’s Virtual Earth, which provides only driving directions. While removed the walking feature, [...]

North America’s Most Bicycle-Friendly Cities Exhibit A: Portland, Oregon, just displaced Copenhagen as the #2 most bike-friendly city in the world. Exhibit B: In Davis, California, more people cycle to work than drive. Exhibit C: A growing number of Minneapolis residents continue to commute by bike through the winter.

Blond wigs keep you safe: an interview with Dr. Ian Walker

A study was released a couple years ago by Dr. Ian Walker of the UK suggesting that drivers give more room to cyclists who are not wearing helmets and/or are female. Is this truly the case?

Win a free bike with Trek’s Go By Bike Challenge

Take the Go By Bike Challenge. Trek Bicycle today announced the “Go By Bike Challenge,” a national pledge campaign sponsored by 1 World 2 Wheels — Trek’s cycling advocacy initiative — that challenges people to put down the car keys and instead go by bike. “The momentum for going by bike is undeniable,” noted Trek’s [...]

Is there a breaking point with gas prices?

I was reading through some of our older articles recently and came across one from 2005 that mentioned gas prices “soaring past $2 a gallon”. Now, over three years later, two bucks a gallon sounds like a deal!