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Archive for November, 2008

Xtracycle Build Up : Parts Bag

Arleigh is building, documenting and writing out her build up of a Salsa Ala Carte mountain bike with 650b wheels and a Xtracycle Free Radical Kit.  This is an on going series so stay tuned for more installments. One thing that is a bit daunting if you aren’t mechanically inclined is the huge parts bag [...]

YOU can be in the Bike to Work book

Update: Carlton says he has several fantatic response — enough for the book, so please don’t send any more. Carlton Reid and Tim Grahl have been working on a Bike To Work book. Carlton is looking for real life stories from newbies and oldies alike. See QuickRelease.TV for details.

Strida 5.0 on the bus and train

Strida’s publicity material brag about their folding bike’s “umbrella like folding.” While folding this bike is amazingly fast and easy, it does not fold to the size of an umbrella, unless you have a 20 pound umbrella with wheels. While the Strida doesn’t fold exceptionally small, it can have a smaller footprint because you can [...]

Fenders and flaps

Just a quickie post for the weekend: Plans for Coroplast election sign fenders have been floating around on the Internet for years. You take those leftover election signs, cut them to fender size and shape, then zip tie them to your bike. You should be able to figure it out by looking at the photos [...]

Biking in the rain safely

I covered equipment and rain the other day and several people provided very helpful comments on biking safety in the rain. Here’s my contribution to the discussion. Visibility is paramount! I’m not normally a safety ninny, but consider what you can and can’t see when you’re in a car with the windows fogged up and [...]

“Extreme Security” from Kryptonite`

Introducing the New York Legend bike lock…. Kryptonite had this monstrous chain lock on display at Interbike last September. I nearly herniated myself when I lifted this beast from the display. Kryptonite says the 3T tempered steel 15 mm rounded links and its provided Kryptonite New York Padlock provides “extreme security for high crime areas.” [...]