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Archive for December, 2008

New Commute Woes

Recently I moved to a new location outside of Charlotte, NC.  My original commute was 25 miles of a bi-modal commute, utilizing the bus for 19 miles and my bike for 6.  The commute normally took 45 minutes to an hour and was a wonderful ride on my bike through Davidson, NC.  On the weekends [...]

Winter bike to work in the news

I spotted a couple of “Bike to Work” news items this morning. What’s especially nice is this article in US News and World Report, which doesn’t portray cycling to work during the winter as an activity only for the diehard enthusiasts, but as something anybody can do: On a freezing november morning in Chicago, Megan [...]

Dailymile goes public beta

As I’ve said before, I’m a numbers freak, and I’m also a bit of a social media hound. I’m still using my spreadsheet to keep track of my miles, but a while back ago, I got an invite to help shake the bugs out of dailymile, a multi-sport portal that bears some resemblance to Brightkite, [...]

Cycling on ice

It looks like many cyclists have discovered studded bicycle tires this winter. Here’s a very brief post about them. After several years of year round commuting on a skinny tire road bike, I purchased a single studded tire for my mountain bike from Nashbar a few years ago. While it’s very possible to cycle across [...]

Cold weather bike storage: Indoor or out?

For those continuing to commute in the cold weather we’re having in the USA right now, do you bring your bike inside or keep it outside? A potential problem with bringing your bike in to warm: The snow and slush thaws, then the following morning the dampness refreezes, rendering your brake and shifter cables potentially [...]

Clothes Woes: Fabric Blight

There’s really no polite way to put it. When you spend a lot of time on a bicycle saddle pumping your legs up and down, the rear crotch area below your sit bones is usually the first thing to wear thin.