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Archive for January, 2009

Madison is the Destination for 2016 Olympics Cycling Venue

Is Madison, Wisconsin the new Portland, Oregon? Many individuals in the cycling community, and even the bypassing customers have mentioned Madison lately when they are talking about a strong cycling atmosphere.  Bike paths, yearly commuters, bike lanes, & Trek Bikes headquarters 30 minutes away.  I would say it has a strong cycling atmosphere! Now in [...]

Get paid to commute by bike

While many of us are excited at the possible $20 U.S. Federal tax benefit (should they ever materialize at your employer), some communities already offer $40 and more per month in cash for those who commute by bike. This is Anna in Birmingham, Alabama, who writes for the Bike Skirt Blog. Anna is eligible for [...]

Help Bike in the New President

It seems like there is a common thread with the new President, Obama, and cycling. First we had spoke cards for people to voice their opinions during the campaign. A guy riding across the country, from Los Angeles to Washington D.C. More info… 1,100 people have RSVP’d for bike valet for the Inauguration. More info… [...]

Bike Miami Days

Down in Floriday there is a city trying the become bike friendly, that city is Miami..  The city is taking many steps to this bike friendly city.  Bike lanes, required bike racks and Bike Miami Days. Bike Miami Days will be on one Sunday per month : January 18, February 8, March 8, April 26, [...]

Beating the effects of cold weather

Whether you’re hitting the slopes, making snowmen with the kids or riding a bicycle in sub-freezing temperatures, those who subject themselves to harsh winter conditions will eventually start to feel its wrath. Some of this stuff might seem girly, but all who spend time outdoors in the winter can benefit from these simple tips. As [...]

Levels of Government Using Bike Sharing

It seems like there are going to be more officials using bicycles across our country in their line of work. The government has recognized across the board that bicycles take up less space, give much needed exercise and are easy to use on many forms of transportation. First there is Wheels4Wellness, which is a Federal [...]