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Abio Folding Bikes

by Bike Shop Girl

There is a pretty new company to the folder line up, Abio.  This company is based out of New York City and has produced two different folder models since 2007..  Back in December we previewed their shaft drive, Penza. I have a soft spot in my heart for this bike due to the purple color. We will soon be previewing their belt drive, Verdion.

These unique bikes are one of a kind in the United States and I hope will catch much attention as I’m riding it around or posting photos online.  The thought of a chainless, folder with no derailleurs to bother with or maybe twist up and no chains to grease up, well it feels very free to me.  As a bike mechanic I’m always worrying about my commuter bike especially while transporting it in cars, buses or flying.

A few things that really stuck out to me on the design of both their models so far:

  • Internally routed cables for less wear and tear.
  • Snappy full size folding pedals
  • Quiet.  The internal hub and belt drive provide a very quiet ride

I’ll be commuting on this bike for the next couple weeks and will be documenting the experience!

Interested in the Abio Folding Bikes? Visit our affiliate, Commuter Bike Store.

Thule Set $97

3 Responses to “Abio Folding Bikes”

  1. Fritz says:

    That reminds me … I need to post notes on the Penza.

  2. ken white says:

    thought provoking.

  3. JohnnyMiller says:


    This bike is awesome, the bus only has racks for up to four bicycles most times so folding bicycles like these are very important for the near future as you can take a folding bicycle on the bus but not a full size and the chain less belt drive system is perfect for staying clean. How has the commuting been going?


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