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Archive for February, 2009

Using Your Commute as Part of Training

As the weeks progress into the end of most peoples build phase of “race training” I am left to wonder what to do as I am crunched for time and simply hate riding the trainer.  I am left to look at my daily commute.  The weather is slowly getting better in Charlotte, NC (it was [...]

Xtracycle Build : 10 Step Build Process

This has been a long time coming but a few snafu’s in the second week of riding the bike caused the Xtracycle to get “hung up” until I could have someone fabricate a metal bridge for me.  Without further excuses : Step One : Remove your rear wheel, derailleur, chain and brakes from the bike.  [...] Adding Some Safety

To be able to track where the unsafe roads, scary dogs, glass strewn shoulders and roads under construction is priceless.  This is exactly the latest feature at Have issues daily on your commute.  Let us know and become safer in the numbers. LOUISVILLE, KY (BRAIN), Louisville’s online community for cyclists, has launched Safe Rides. [...]

Commuters Require Less Sick Days

Many large companies in the US believe that a healthier employee is a happier employee.  It looks like research is proving that a commuting employee is a healthier employee which requires fewer sick days. I would love to see the companies that put money forward for gym or yoga membership to instead put that towards [...]

Bike to Work Spokane

Washington state is known for its wonderful scenery and more friendlier cycling atmosphere.  In preparation of Bike Month in May the city of Spokane has already set the dates for Bike to Work Week.  The dates will be May 11-15 so prepare your bike and clothing stash for this week in mid May..  An example [...]