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Gary Fisher Gritty for Review

by Bike Shop Girl

Gary Fisher GrittyGary Fisher introduces the Gritty, styled after the freestyle fixed gear bikes that are the new trend in the fixed gear scene.  The price tag at $439 isn’t a bad place to start for your freestyle-esque bike but as a commuter I see huge potential.

This 4130 steel bike comes outfitted with BMX 3 piece cranks, 700x28c tires and braze ons for your rack or fenders.  A 17t freewheel will make you fork out another $10-30 for a fixed gear cog if fixie is your taste.

We should have one of these in our hands later this fall for a full review from the commuter side first and then from the fixed gear freestyle side as a second review series.

Burley nomad 229

3 Responses to “Gary Fisher Gritty for Review”

  1. Humble Schumble says:

    Is the gear ratio some sort of jape? 17t/38t is a warm up for a beginner spinning class…

    Be ready to shell extra dollars outright for a freewheel/cog.

  2. the boss says:

    cant wait to get one. I’m thinking a commuting trials bike? possiblity endless

  3. David says:

    I own one of these, and it’s a pretty rugged bike. I swapped out the cranks and upped the gear ratio. I wasn’t a fan of the bmx components, so I’m in the process of switching them too. Really fun to ride fixie.

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