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Making a BOB Train

by Melanie Colavito

We received some photos from Matt in Florida showing us his bike touring set with a few products that he purchased from us. We helped Matt outfit himself with a BOB Yak Trailer, Jandd Panniers, a Greenspeed Rack rack for his BOB, and a few custom in-house accessories that we have developed here at the Bike Trailer Shop.

It seems Matt is certainly a fan of keeping the load off the bike, for the most part. Although he does have set of rear Jandd panniers and a handle bar bag, most of his load is distributed behind the bike itself. With the help of the BOB Yak and the Greenspeed rack attached to the rear of the BOB Yak frame Matt has plenty of room to carry everything he needs for the long haul.

In the photo you can see the Wandertec Sax liner in the BOB Yak, which was one of those little custom goodies we came up with. We also developed the adapter that allows the Greenspeed rack to be used with either a BOB Yak or Ibex Trailer. He has also made use of the Wandertec Cargo Net, which should help him keep his gear under control. I hope that Matt is a fan of wide turns. I wonder if his bike trailer beeps when he puts it in reverse? I personally like to call this one the Train Setup. Because it looks and feels like a train while you’re riding.

Props to Matt for a great bike touring set up and good gear arrangement. He should have no problem carrying everything he needs and then some. Congrats Matt! Hope you have many great journeys.

Burley nomad 229

2 Responses to “Making a BOB Train”

  1. shane o'brien says:

    Re the Jandd panniers. Which type size did this guy use?
    We are using a Bob Yak on the back of a Santana Cabrio quad tandem.

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