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Archive for December, 2009

My Commute Today : Wintery Mix

Down here in the dirty south we are receiving a winter mix of snow, sleet and ice..  While my readers up north are probably laughing, it is a big deal to the southerners to get 4-8 inches of snow in ONE season.  Now we will be getting that much in a day.  Schools closed early, [...]

Batavus BUB Review : Initial Thoughts

When the Batavus BUB rolled into my bike shop a good amount of thoughts rolled into my head with it.  It looked heavy, was it? Where were the hand brakes or gears.  Could I take it down my 4.5 mile daily commute with a decent size hill in the middle.  (My worry was going up [...]

The Perfect Commuter Bike : Handlebar Side Thoughts

As we are about halfway through our perfect commuter bike build, I wanted to stop and think out the rest of the bike build before we continue.  The Long Haul Trucker with 26″ tires is completely build, and sitting next to my Christmas tree.  I’ve swapped out the painful WTB SST seat that comes with [...]

Top 5 Winter Commuting Tires (Non Stud)

It is that time of year, you take off your slicks and add a tire to your bike that will grip in the rainy or icy conditions. There are a good amount of tires out there that I highly recommend but for now. I’ll look at you all to give me feedback for studded tires [...]

How to Make Bike Buckets

This article was originally written on Flickr by a friend of mine Joey Emanuel from Charlotte, NC. These deep buckets are perfect for grocery getting or any utility type errands you might want to handle with your bicycle. For a size reference, the buckets will hold two 4 1/2 gallon cartons of soy milk in [...]

Velo Orange has a Threadless Bottom Bracket

When I worked in a shop a few years ago in downtown Washington DC a issue that we came across about once a week, especially during winter, were completely ruined bottom brackets..  A city of bike commuters would abuse their old school Trek and Raleigh bikes, letting the bottom bracket rust out (among other things..  [...]