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Archive for December, 2009

Commute By Bike for the Holidays

A quick note that Commute By Bike & Bike Shop Girl will be running on the lean side of the next two weeks. With the holiday a few days away we are helping Santa Claus get ready for the big day, and the week after we will be finishing inventory counts at the bike shop. […]

Beating the Winter Time Wohs

Nothing’s harder then having to hang up the bike during the cold short days of winter. Going to work in the dark and coming home again after dark can be hard on the body and mind. It is important to keep active during the winter months and not let the darkness, cookies and egg nogg […]

Beat the Elements with Waterproof Panniers

I know this is a blog dedicated to bike trailers, but of course, we are enthusiasts and users of bike panniers and bike racks, as well. After all, it sure is hard to determine a winner in the battle royale of panniers versus trailers, and the winner for any particular person often comes down to […]

My Commute Today : Wintery Mix

Down here in the dirty south we are receiving a winter mix of snow, sleet and ice..  While my readers up north are probably laughing, it is a big deal to the southerners to get 4-8 inches of snow in ONE season.  Now we will be getting that much in a day.  Schools closed early, […]

Batavus BUB Review : Initial Thoughts

When the Batavus BUB rolled into my bike shop a good amount of thoughts rolled into my head with it.  It looked heavy, was it? Where were the hand brakes or gears.  Could I take it down my 4.5 mile daily commute with a decent size hill in the middle.  (My worry was going up […]

The Perfect Commuter Bike : Handlebar Side Thoughts

As we are about halfway through our perfect commuter bike build, I wanted to stop and think out the rest of the bike build before we continue.  The Long Haul Trucker with 26″ tires is completely build, and sitting next to my Christmas tree.  I’ve swapped out the painful WTB SST seat that comes with […]