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New City Racks in New York City

by Bike Shop Girl

The Department of Transportation chose locations near transit hubs like park and rides, in areas chosen by DOT’s CityRacks team, or based on recommendations from residents.

Of those racks, there are 59 single steel pipe loops at a cost of $255 each, with room to park two or three bikes, and 53 double pipe loops, which cost $308 each and can fit as many as five bikes.

At $400 a piece, 29 new iron “hoop” shaped racks can accommodate two to three bikes. The horizontal bar across the center of the hoop allows riders to lock more than one part of their bike for added security.

Among the bike rack locations are the Great Kills library and a Walgreens store in Eltingville, and the DOT plans to install about 40 more racks this year.

Residents can suggest locations through their community board.

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If you happen to live in New York and have seen these racks, let us know.  Also any type of photographic evidence would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Mirona says:

    Here is a link to a site that features a photo of the new rack. Maarten De Greeve designed the winning rack together with Ian Mahaffy. Elegant Danish design from a Dutch and Irishman.

  2. Really useful article. Bookmarked. Thanks for sharing

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