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Archive for January, 2010

Photo of the Week

In attempt to capture whatever the moment is in commuting across the US, I hope to pick one photo a week that has been added to our Flickr group.  This week is from Manhattan, NY and the Flickr user protographer23. As I am currently sitting in the Madison, WI airport looking at about a foot [...]

The Copenhagen Climate Conference was a Failure, or Was It?

My head is still spinning from the Copenhagen (United Nations) Climate Change Summit that was almost a month ago.  At first I kept up to date with news with my news feeder on overload after a few days.  Quickly,my head only hurt more instead of feeling inspired and motivated.  I’m not a politician, and though [...]

Ask a Bicycle Mechanic on The New York Times

Read these questions and more over at Ask a Bicycle Mechanic I cannot easily park one of my many bikes near my office at 51st and Madison. I wish to use a bike to go a short distance from Roosevelt Island over the 59th Street Bridge to my office, which will take about 30 minutes [...]

5 Things I Wish I Knew When I First Started Bike Commuting

This is a guest post by Andreas Kambanis who runs a blog, London Cyclist, about cycling and London. You can find him on Twitter here. I started commuting into work by bike in the same way I do many things in life. With little or no plan! The way I look at it is if [...]

Why I Go By Bike : Doug Rozelman

Introducing a new guest writer, Doug Rozelman.  Doug is a co-worker of mine and an avid cyclist.  Slowly he is trying to learn to use his bike for daily task, and to live the cycling lifestyle. Not long ago, I picked up a small, square-shaped brochure highlighting Trek’s “1 World, 2 Wheels” campaign. I nonchalantly [...]

Handlebar Side Thoughts : Continued

Several weeks ago we went down the road of handlebar selection during the group build of the Surly Long Haul Trucker. I’m still venturing down this road slowly and have ordered in several various handlebars, with many more on the way. The biggest issue I’ve had is trying out handlebars that use road brake levers, [...]