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Moko’s Daring Bike Trailer Duo

by Josh Lipton

Moko sent in these images of his bike cargo trailers. Moko definitely looks like he is getting some interesting things done with his Bikes At Work trailer. Without it, it’s hard to imagine how he would take out the dog on the bike and pick up the kids with their bike.

Here is what Moko has to say about his setup. “I like to take the dog to the bus stop to pick up the kids and have their bikes for them to ride home. Sometimes they just hop on the trailer. The small trailer is for packing gear for camping or running small errands.”

Moko’s smaller trailer is a rugged little unit. It looks like similar to a Bikes R Evolution’s bike trailer model. The Rubbermaid Action Packer is a great solution for bike cargo trailers. This looks like the 8 gallon version. The quite a bit larger, 24 gallon version, of this box fits very nicely on the large or small versions of the Wandertec Bongo bike cargo trailer and can be either bolted to the frame or strapped to the loadbed.

Burley nomad 229

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