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Archive for June, 2010

Electric Bikes: Future or Fad?

Well, like it or not electric bikes are growing in popularity and they look like they are here to stay. Many traditionalist have raised a questionable eyebrow at the growing popularity of electric bikes, also known as “e-bikes.” But even the most dedicated fixie hipster can’t deny the growing sales numbers world wide of e-bikes. […]


ME I’m Ted, and I’ve never pulled a bike trailer. YOU Hello Ted. I’m a new guy at Bike Shop Hub. You’d reckon I had to have some minimal cycling cred to get in the door. I do. This is it:

Mission Workshop : Shed Messenger Bag

One of Commute By Bike’s biggest supporters is Mission Workshop.  We talked about them back in the spring when they became a sponsor, and also talked about their very unique roll top backpack the Vandal Cargo Backpack.  While we still are putting the Vandal through its paces they have released a messenger bag version of […]

Rickshaw Bagworks Commuter 2.0

Rickshaw Commuter 2.0 MSRP $150 The bag maker, Rickshaw Bagworks, based out of San Francisco, has reworked their commuter bag to release Commuter 2.0.  The Commuter 2.0 “is the ultimate computer bag to hold your whole life (and then some) while commuting on bike, foot, train or scooter. The bag has a plethora of pockets […]

Wandertec SAX-BOB Cargo Liner Special!

Now until June 29th the Bike Trailer Shop is offering a free Wandertec SAX Liner with the purchase of any BOB trailer. The SAX BOB liner is the perfect accessory for any BOB trailer. By them selves BOB trailers are some of the best single wheeled bicycle trailers on the market but, their steel mesh […]

2011 Gary Fisher Bikes

We are waiting to hear back from our Trek and Gary Fisher contacts for complete details.  For now it looks like Trek has introduced the Gary Fisher collection.  For the most part it looks like new coloring, parts and only a handful of new models for 2011.  The biggest thing will be the Trek name […]